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Do you know the 21 quotes that Nelson Mandela made about Education?

We all have our heroes. Those human beings seem larger than life and almost achieve Godlike status. One of my heroes is the late-great Nelson Mandela, who was affectionally nicknamed “Madiba.” His life serves as a testament to the impact that one determined person can have on the course of history. In this blog, I want to share 21 inspirational quotes that Nelson Mandela made about education with you.

In Togo, Scholarship awarded to 6 orphans of EPP Adetikope group C and CEG Tsive

In light of the rising cost of education in Africa and the consequent increase in the number of children dropping out due to their inability to support themselves through school, some parents and guardians who were present during the visit were gushing with praise for the kind gesture shown to these orphaned children. Lema Plan International was thanked, and they wished them luck in all of their endeavours.

LPI Fundraising Program

Fundraising is enjoyable. We met Clarisse, Salima, Omari, and Maryina at the market in La Chaux-de-fonds this morning. Their encouragement was greatly appreciated. We appreciate your willingness to help. We Lema Plan International use education to empower and improve the lives of deprived children and women in developing countries. Education, we believe, is the key …

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Lema Plan International (LPI) School Outreach

Lema Plan International is a humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children, particularly those living in rural areas. The LPI school outreach took place on June 2, 2022, at Community Secondary School (CSS) Umu-Alor, Isi-Uzo LGA Enugu State. The LPI school outreach program was established to assist indigent school children whose …

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What if you couldn’t write your name?

In 2020 studies showed nearly 40% of Nigerians could not read or write. Those are staggering statistics given Nigeria’s population. 40% means 80 Million+ people cannot write nor read a four word sentence. That’s why education is important📌 It is not a scam. Quality education is a necessity and it is fundamental to our human …

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