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We believe that everyone is important and that everyone deserves a good life.

Where and how we work

Lema Plan International is a non-profit organisation with offices in Switzerland, Nigeria, and Togo. It is politically, ideologically, and religiously independent, with its headquarters in Switzerland.

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about us

Lema plan international is a Sussie association that was founded and registered in the canton of Neuchatel. Lema Plan International has been working tirelessly since 2017 to ensure that children and women in developing countries have access to quality education.

Violence and School Children

Students in Nigeria have been risking their lives for an education. Schooling, like most things in the world, has its challenges, but when students risk losing their freedom or their lives at school, our future is jeopardised. What chances does the average Nigerian child have for a better education in a country where going to school is tantamount to charging into battle amid a hail of bullets?

Approximately 800 secondary school and university students have been kidnapped in coordinated attacks by terrorists and bandits in 2021 alone, according to reports.


In order to achieve our goals, we always try to involve some partners who share similar or the same values in order to help every single child acquire a quality education, and be protected from social vices, street hawking, and so on. These partners could be small and medium-sized businesses or large corporations that want to have a positive impact on society.


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Our Plan

All donations will go toward three major issues: education, food, and health. Our project works with African children who are in or should be in school, and we’ve had great success.


would you like detailed information about our work in switzerland, Nigeria and togo? click on the projects below to learn more.


We can work together to achieve this goal as a corporate body that shares the same values or has an interest in positively impacting society while also uplifting the organisation.


Through the provision of quality education in developing countries, we continue to work to empower and improve the lives of deprived children and women.


We are always open to collaborating with public institutions in order to raise awareness and promote advocacy as we work towards our organisational goal.

small efforts make big change

no one has ever become poor by giving

"After losing my father for four years, Lema Plan International saved me from dropping out of school. My life had been shattered, and my mother was struggling. I was overjoyed to learn that my school fees had been covered. I consider myself fortunate to have been given this opportunity. It transformed my life and gave me hope.

Chinwe Abali

"I had always wanted to volunteer and make a difference, so I identified Lema Plan International and decided to participate in one of their programmes on International Girl Child Day. It was an amazing experience. We were able to educate the girls on menstrual hygiene management as a team, and the girls were very pleased with the quality of the training and its informative nature, as well as the fact that they received free sanitary pads. The LPI awarded me a volunteer certificate.

Lilian Nwachukwu

"Imagine our African communities without the assistance of non-governmental organisations like Lema Plan International. Where would we be today? My wife and I were both unemployed. We were surviving on the little we had with our four children before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown went into effect. We are extremely grateful to LPI for coming to our aid during those extremely difficult days.

Paul Obiolor
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