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What if you couldn’t write your name?

In 2020 studies showed nearly 40% of Nigerians could not read or write. Those are staggering statistics given Nigeria’s population.

40% means 80 Million+ people cannot write nor read a four word sentence.

That’s why education is important📌

It is not a scam.

Quality education is a necessity and it is fundamental to our human and national development.

Like you, every person should be entitled to have a qualitative and sound education for a more promising prospect, but it is sad to see how many children in rural areas have been neglected and denied this basic right.

Thankfully organizations like Lema Plan International are reshaping that narrative.

With about 1,370 students receiving school materials and approximately 130 children receiving partial and full academic scholarships, Lema Plan International is reducing the illiteracy rate of children across Nigeria, Togo and Tanzania.

You can help📌

As a new generation we are in the position to evoke change.

You know literacy lifts individuals out of poverty. Literacy not only enriches an individual’s life, but it creates opportunities for people to develop skills that will help them provide for themselves and their family.

Quality education is vital.

That’s why I volunteered at Lema Plan International to create awareness for a cause this important. You can volunteer in your own way also by visiting Lema Plan International to know how you can do your part in creating a promising future for someone.

We are put on this planet to impact lives.


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