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Encouraging Kids in Rural Areas on the need for Basic Education

Despite the fact that primary education in Nigeria is crucial and mandatory, 10.5 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 do not attend school. According to UNICEF, this situation is considerably worse in rural areas of the nation where 60% of children can’t read or write by the time they become 10 years old.

Over 60% of students in Nigeria are not receiving a foundational education due to a severe learning crisis.

According to research, 75% of children who struggle in their fundamental education drop out of school because they become demoralised and believe they are not competent enough to continue. This is made worse by the high cost of living, and most of these children struggle to pay for their education because so many works in family businesses, primarily farming and small-scale trading.

One of the main obstacles to gaining access to high-quality education in Nigeria is the lack of finance for the sector.

spelling bee competition, CSS Neke, Enugu State, Nigeria

To fulfill its mission, Lema Plan International, in partnership with the Town Crier Initiative and the Peter Mbah Foundation, organised a spelling bee competition at Community Secondary School Neke in Enugu State, Nigeria, to commemorate World Literacy Day.

Four students who excelled in the spelling bee competition won a full-year academic scholarship and school bags, uniforms, and sandals. 16 students from various sections who excelled in STEAM subjects also earned full-year academic scholarships, school bags, uniforms, and sandals.

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