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LPI Fundraising Program

Fundraising is enjoyable. We met Clarisse, Salima, Omari, and Maryina at the market in La Chaux-de-fonds this morning. Their encouragement was greatly appreciated. We appreciate your willingness to help.

We Lema Plan International use education to empower and improve the lives of deprived children and women in developing countries.

Education, we believe, is the key to eradicating poverty in developing countries.
Fundraising is an important way for our organisation to obtain funds for its operations.

We are soliciting and collecting voluntary financial contributions from individuals, businesses, and charitable foundations. We typically seek this money to assist children in rural areas who have dropped out or are struggling to pay their school fees.

This funds is mostly used for scholarships and school materials for these children.

We accomplish this primarily through face-to-face fundraising, such as door-knocking, street, and online campaigns.

Please consider donating to and supporting our project.

  1. Sponsorship/ scholarship Program
  2. School Construction in Nigeria
  3. Educational Material Support Program

There is no such thing as a small donation; every penny counts

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