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In Togo, Scholarship awarded to 6 orphans of EPP Adetikope group C and CEG Tsive

The goal of LEMA PLAN INTERNATIONAL is to empower and better the lives of underprivileged children and women in developing countries by encouraging high-quality education. As part of this mission, six (6) orphaned children in the Canton of ADETIKOPE in Togo were given school supplies and awarded full academic year scholarships.

In front of the director and a few other administrative staff members, the CEG Adétikopé students were presented with scholarships and writing materials such workbooks, text books, and mathematical sets.

The LPI’s administrators were recognised by the director of CEG ADETIKOPE, who expressed his sincere gratitude for the scholarship that was awarded to the children.

In light of the rising cost of education in Africa and the consequent increase in the number of children dropping out due to their inability to support themselves through school, some parents and guardians who were present during the visit were gushing with praise for the kind gesture shown to these orphaned children. Lema Plan International was thanked, and they wished them luck in all of their endeavours.

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