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Violence against children is a crime.

Violence against children is one of society’s vices and it’s after effects is long still witnessed ewhen these children grow into adults.
Violence is any form of inflicting harm or pain to a person with severe effects either emotionally, physically, or sexual.
This practice is in almost all countries and is perpetuated by those close to the children, parents, older community members, instructors.
Long-term behavioural impacts of violence on children include aggressive and anti-social behaviour, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviour and criminal behaviour which is a great impediment for a society, as the results of such violent acts is it’s continuity by those it was visited upon.

Most children that suffer from these sort of abuse are those with no where to turn to, some orphans, others whole their parents can’t afford to raise, some who are refugees or estranged from life as they were once used to and all of which can’t report such acts to offices that can tackle it, hence those inflicting such harm get away with it as they find ways to hide their actions and present a good front.

Violence again children is a crime and should be reported where ever it is witnessed, and if you are in any position to help an abused child do not hesitate to do your duty and save one child at a time.

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  1. Perfectly right. Sadly enough less than 50 % of the world´s countries have established a legal ban of child corporal punishment. But progress is going on, as you can see on endcorporalpunishment org and the Wikipedia website “child corporal punishment laws”. And it might also have an impact on the peacefulness of nations, as peace researcher Franz Jedlicka explains in his publications.


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