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Between 93 million and 150 million children live with a disability worldwide. The World Health Organization and the World Bank estimate that in some countries “being disabled more than doubles the chance of never enrolling in school”. An estimated one in three out-of-school children have a disability.
Throughout Africa, less than 10% of children with a disability are in primary education. In some countries only 13% receive any form of education. For girls and children living in rural areas, a disability creates an additional barrier to accessing education.
Children with disabilities are more likely to miss out on school than other children. Even if they go to school, they are more likely to leave before finishing their primary education, as there is no condusive learning environment tailored to cater for their special needs.
Other times they get bullied and have to leave because of the unkindness of classmates or even teachers.
Teachers barely let them catch up in class activities, as they might be slow to fully partake in all activities.

Special classes are not implemented to aid them learn at their own pace and convenience.

Some lack basics like wheelchairs or crutches to aid movement to and from learning centers.
All these constitutes to the poor level of education for children with disabilities. It is up to you to play a role in these lives, by either donating to provide wheelchairs or to Sponsor special classes been organized or built for them, hence reducing the statistics on uneducated children with disabilities.

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