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The theme of this year’s Human Rights Day is EQUALITY: Reducing Inequality and Promoting Human Rights.

The fact that all human beings are born equal and free in dignity and rights is of utmost importance and should be treated as such.
These human rights were established to ensure that age, gender, disabilities, and all other factors have no bearing on how individuals are treated. This means that we must find ways to eliminate discrimination and all forms of inequality.
That’s why today we’re focusing on children and how to make sure they have equal rights.

In these 16 days of activism, we’ve heard from the mouths of the younger generation what changes they would like to see.
From conversations about climate change to gender equality to access to better school facilities, these children have raised their voices loud and clear to communicate the changes they want to see.

Previously, children did not have a voice in their lives and in issues that affected them, but with the change in the world and the shift in focus that humanitarian organizations and volunteers have instigated, these children now have a voice in their lives.

This movement has helped children voice their opinions, especially when they see other peers doing so.

The new system of support groups for adolescents and young adults have created a safe space for children, especially girls, who have experienced another form of abuse and given them the opportunity to talk about it calmly and heal in the process.

As parents, guardians, or adults these children look up to, be very open to hearing their side of the story and don’t be quick to dismiss them when they speak up.

We owe it to the children to never let their thoughts and words go without effect.

Be a responsible adult and listen to the children around you.

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