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Mr. Bolaji was always seen at charity events held to support humanitarian causes. His donations were enormous and he worked hard to ensure that the funds were used in the best possible way. Thanks to his humble nature, he was popular with the rich and poor in his community. Bolaji was a generous man whose impact on the community was greatly respected by all. He single-handedly dug the first borehole that provided water to every single person in the community. He worked hand in hand with the government to ensure that the people in his community were provided with the basic necessities.

By working with non-governmental organizations around the world, he secured scholarships for most of the school children, and those who were interested in manual skills, he placed them in vocational schools where they could learn a trade of their choice. He was passionate about making the lives of his neighbors as comfortable as possible, so much so that he would give the shirt off his back if he knew it would help someone.

Maria had to move to the village from the city, where she worked as a receptionist in one of the largest hotels. The move was made to take care of her grandmother who, due to her advanced age, could no longer take care of herself and needed special care. The transition from life in the city to the village was difficult, but she was able to adapt quickly. After a few months in the village, she realized how difficult life was for most of the villagers, and she decided to help them by raising awareness of their needs. By spreading the word online, she was able to gain recognition from non-governmental organizations interested in community development, and this led to immense changes in her community. Her efforts were rewarded and she was entrusted with restructuring rural areas like her village.

The story of Mr. Bolagi and Maria shows how we can impact our society. Money is not the only thing, the most important thing is the desire to help others and make life bearable for the less privileged.

SERVE OTHERS within your means. Serving others is critical to building and benefiting from the community.
You should always be thinking, “How can I serve others?”
and not, “What do I get out of it?”
If you come across as desperate or as a “taker” rather than a “giver,” you will not find people willing to help you. If you give of yourself to others, that is the best way to get the flow of good things to flow back to you.
If you are always willing to serve, you will never run out of means to serve.

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