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Diary of the hungry man

Dear dairy, Man this sounds girly but whatever goes, this is between me and your fine pages.

It’s been a week I went on an air and water diet, no kidding.
Okay maybe I am exaggerating but it sure feels like it these days, long gone are the days I can boast of eating ” two square meals”, eating three square meals is merely wishful thinking. At least during the food drives organized by some good citizens, I could grab a meal here or there, but that too has passed “oh dear good old days”. you might be wondering why I am going on and on about food, but technically if I can’t feed myself what can I do? Let me answer that for you, NOTHING. I have tons of reading to do, plentiful time on my hand, enough to create anything and sell anything but daily I come back to my reality of stagnancy or rather degeneration of my financial statement.

Let’s paint a picture, it’s Monday morning I wake up to brilliant sunlight streaming through the curtains, I stretch and say a little prayer. After which I reach for my phone, scroll through Instagram to be reminded why I want that social media life, get irritated by others’ success, close the app then mindlessly scroll through other apps. You might be wondering why it seems I am just lazing about but hear me out first, when I am done scrolling, I remember that I don’t have even a grain of rice in the kitchen, and I am still as penniless as ever, so I decide to be motivated and read a self-help book or attend a class.

The hour’s crawl by, my strength starts to wane and I decide to sleep through the hunger pangs. I wake up at 5 pm and still it’s the same reality that faces me, what would you do in my case.

Well, the good news is that I signed up for a skill acquisition program organized by an NGO to help struggling youths get equipped with earning ability. This might be the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I can already visualize it after I finish my training program and pass the skill test I will qualify for the one-year advanced training after which they promised to set up the finalists with start-up capital in whatever field of their interest.

This could be it for me Dear diary, this NGO might be my way out of poverty and depression.

This is the common story among most people, and all they need is a little help to get them well on their way to financial independence. That is why NGOs with identical visions like ours around the world work tirelessly to help save people from the trap of idleness and give them a chance at having a better life.
A Financially independent individual is of great asset to the community which is why we do what we do by empowering such persons.

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