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Ignorance is a societal problem that has deadly consequences, and access to information is the only sure way to combat ignorance.

On November 17, 2015, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization declared September 28 as the International Day for Universal Access to Information. This was to ensure that citizens are informed about the work of government and how they can play a role in their system of governance.

It is the belief that only informed citizens can make informed decisions. Therefore, everyone has the right to universal access to information (the right to examine, receive, and share information) so that he or she is able to contribute fully to society.

The theme of the International Day for Universal Access to Information in 2021 aims to emphasize the role of access to information for society and promote the provision of quality information to build strong institutions that serve the public and develop its members in the long term.

An ignorant person is a dangerous person because in his ignorance he can take actions that are very harmful to his community. Not only that, many have lost their lives and great opportunities due to ignorance and lack of access to quality information that would have greatly changed their lives.

This led to the creation of the Access to Information Act in 2000, which gives every member of society access to public records and information that serves their interests.

Opportunities abound in the world, and only through the right information channels can they reach those who need them. Only through the dissemination of information can these citizens understand and effectively exercise their human rights, learn what the government’s obligations are to them.

For this reason, advocating for universal access to information is becoming increasingly important, as its importance cannot be overstated.

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