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Bassey has always been a good soul. When he wasn’t out volunteering, he could be found at the local clinic helping the elderly by offering them free counseling services.

He was always looking for ways to help others and usually went out of his way to make someone feel better. He was an ardent supporter of the good work of many non-governmental organizations and sent donations to support them from time to time.

The NGO he was most involved with was one whose movement was focused on helping homeless and disoriented youth find hope and a livelihood, getting them off the streets and into useful endeavors. Their cause was laudable, but they were unable to operate at full capacity because of a lack of shelters for the homeless, job training camps for youth, and rehabilitation centers for those who needed treatment.

Bassey was so moved by their mission and vision that he wanted to help them in any way he could. This led him to seek procedures that would benefit such a noble cause. The following list contains some of the ideas he developed to promote NGOs.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Since the world is digital, it was best for him to use social media to draw attention to his vision. He was able to do this by writing about their dream and how they hoped to achieve it. If written in a heartfelt tone, people will be moved and engage with such posts to find out how they too can support the cause. He could make videos and share photos to prove the authenticity of the NGO vision plan.

DONATION ACTION: Among other things, the NGO needed funding, and to raise it, Bassey came up with the idea of holding a fundraiser among his circle of family and friends. The idea was to get them to donate either cash or other donations such as bedding, clothes, shoes, canned food, hygiene items, books and other care packages. These donations would later be sent to the NGO to support their work.

WORD OF MOUTH CONVERSION: This method consists of telling the people around him about the cause and giving them sustainable reasons for his support to the organization. Word-of-mouth is an effective way to promote an NGO because your speech reflects your enthusiasm and the energy you exude passes on to the mind of the person you are talking to.

HOST AN EVENT TO RAISE AWARENESS: To achieve the desired results, Bassey went a step further and hosted a dinner party, auctioning off an art exhibit featuring paintings by members of the NGO. Proceeds from the auction were to benefit the NGO to support its work.

Another way Bassey advanced the NGO’s vision was by actively volunteering with the NGO to reach more homeless people and give them a chance at a better life.
As a doctor, he also provided professional support by treating most of the homeless who had contracted one or two diseases due to their unhealthy lives.

Bassey is a representative of all the good people who still exist and tirelessly serve the world through humanitarian acts.

If you support a non-governmental organization, you can use the above methods to promote their noble cause.

PS. What other methods can you suggest to promote an NGO? Leave a comment below and we’d love to hear your feedback.


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