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School start: teachers call a new strike

A few days before the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Togo’s teachers are once again raising their voices. On their behalf, the Federation of National Education Unions (FESEN) has just sent a letter to the Minister of Primary, Secondary, Technical Education and Handicrafts. The organization demands the implementation of the measures taken by the government at the end of the last social dialogue session. Otherwise, it promises to go on strike.

The letter sent to Prof Dodzi Kokoroko follows an extraordinary meeting of the members of the board of FESEN on September 23. This was an opportunity for them to follow up on the measures and provisions to be taken and implemented at the end of the special session of the National Council for Social Dialogue (CNDS) held on September 7.

In its note to the Minister, FESEN says it is pleased with the start of the second phase of the reimbursement of the deductions made from the emoluments of auxiliary teachers before they are transferred to the framework of civil servants in education.

On the other hand, the teachers are concerned and declare themselves “dissatisfied with the non-proclamation of the results of the last recruitment competition for civil servant teachers and guidance counselors.

The government had promised to announce these results a few days ago. Moreover, the results of the health competition have been announced following this promise.

FESEN is also unhappy with the non-payment of special bonuses (the exceptional bonus) promised to all teachers by the government party from January 2021. This is in order to preserve a climate of peace and serenity in the educational environment.

For a serene start to the school year
The organization also notes that the accompanying measures and staffing have not been made available in time to the Heads of pre-school, primary and secondary schools for a good start to the school year.

“Consequently, they ask the educational authorities to take diligent measures to honor the above commitments,” reads the letter from FESEN.

In addition, FESEN reminds Minister Dodzi Kokoroko that “the strike of November 16, 17 and 18, 2020 had only been suspended and is likely to be renewed, transformed into a mood movement in a short time if the promises made do not materialize.

Finally, the teachers take the entire Togolese population and particularly the teaching community as witnesses and reassure that they have favored dialogue and negotiation until now.

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