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Random acts of kindness are gestures of kindness that impact the lives of others. 

These small acts put a smile on people’s faces and make their lives more bearable, especially those who are struggling to survive. 

Such acts usually cost little or no money, and through these random acts of kindness, you can put a smile on a stranger’s face and make the world a better place. 

 Random acts of kindness are a fulfilling endeavor and give satisfaction to the soul, as Timini would say. 

Timini, who was his parent’s only child and had to move back to the village to live with his grandparents after his mother and father died in a fire in the city, is the perfect example of a charitable person. Even the great loss he suffered could not dampen his spirit or kill the goodness in him. 

After moving to the village to start a new life without completing his studies, he did not let his situation stop him from being a good and kind person. 

Soon after becoming a member of the community, he became so involved in the development of the community that he participated in almost all the volunteer teams in his community. Even when the elementary school lacked a teacher to teach math, he stepped in as a teacher and used all his potential. 

Timini believed that you can’t help people with money alone, and that fueled his energy and drive to impact the lives of those around him through acts of kindness. 

There were many ways he performed these acts of kindness. 

Blood Donation:  If you are of a healthy weight and have enough blood, you could find a blood bank to donate to, which will save the lives of people who desperately need it. 

You could do like Timini, who has made it a point to go to the blood bank every month to donate. 

Elder Watch: You could spend time with the elderly, cleaning up their space and making it comfortable for them. This will make their lives easier and allow them to do what they love with supervision. 

Donate: Give what you have thrown away to the less privileged in the community. Clean up the things you consider junk and wrap them beautifully as gifts, and watch the person’s face light up when they receive the gift they never expected. That is the power of a kind act. 

Know: Use your knowledge to make a difference, to bless others, and help them learn the basics of what you are teaching them. Timini did this by working at the community school as a math teacher when the school could not afford a teacher. 

These are just a few examples of random acts of kindness that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face. 

So today, I challenge you to perform an act of kindness to put a smile on a stranger’s face.

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