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How to be an important member of your community through acts of kindness

This holiday season, we will give you ideas on how you can best contribute to your community.

Most of these ideas cost next to nothing and will still help you leave a mark in the hearts of those around you.

You can earn plus points and make yourself feel much better with a kind gesture. It is also a way to give back to the world some of what you have received in the past 12 months.

In this last month, we can show gratitude and care to others, we can be a light in a dark world by showing love and kindness and planting seeds that will create ripple effects shortly.

Before you think about what you can do to show kindness, you should also think about what not to do as an act of kindness. An example would be not commenting on the weight or appearance of others. Avoid saying unkind words to others and that could be your only act of kindness. Especially on social media, avoid profanity and hate speech in the comments section of other people’s posts. Remember that the world doesn’t need your opinion on every topic.

Now, for ways you can show kindness.

  1. Give your comfortable seat to an elderly person or child when you attend meetings.
  2. Give food stamps to a stranger.
  3. Buy toys and share them with the children around you.
  4. Make Christmas packages to send to relatives who live far from home.
  5. Help the family put up decorations.
  6. Pay for family celebrations.
  7. Give generous tips to the waiters.
  8. Say a prayer for someone
  9. volunteer at church events for various causes
  10. Send thank you notes to those who helped make your year wonderful.

Being kind is fun and gladdens the heart. If you want to take it a step further, involve your friends and make it a challenge to see who can do more good deeds.

If you enjoyed reading this article, leave a comment below with the good deed you’ll be doing this holiday season.

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