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It is human nature to only scratch the surface before we jump to conclusions. That’s why we only look at people and their potential based on the incomplete facts we know about them. For this reason, children in slums are seen as criminals and good-for-nothings who will live a hard and bleak life.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for these people, a little care, a little love and compassion can change their story.

Today, we want to celebrate the life-changing experience shared by 51 young adults whose lives would have remained insignificant and wasted had it not been for some kind-hearted people coming together to show them the possibility of a better life.

Chess in Slums-Africa (CIS-A) is a non-profit organization. They organize regular local/international tournaments for the children, where they receive education and their lives are generally improved. Their goal is for young people to grow into leaders, and they work hard to put them on the right path, away from a life of crime.

The organization uses the game of chess to show how to go from pawn to queen in a heartbeat, showing these kids that anything you can dream of can become a reality. These children whose lives have taken a turn for the better were forgotten children who lived most of their lives under the Oshodi Bridge, but through divine providence, they have been given license to live better lives through the game of chess and mental mathematics and the kindness of philanthropists who have made it possible for them to go from rags to a semblance of the good life.

Acts like these become turning points for overlooked individuals, just like these children who would never have dreamed of a better life had they not been brought into their temporary home.

That’s why NGOs like ours and many others work tirelessly to rescue the most vulnerable members of the community and give them a better chance in life.

How have you as an individual made an impact on the lives of those overlooked? What will you do to make a difference?

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