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World book day.

Books are believed to be windows to worlds others before us have explored and deemed it fit to pass down their wealth of  knowledge. 

The wealth of knowledge in books can turn lives around as in the case of the famous  Ben Carson who despite being called a dummy for the first part of his life turned the tides around by developing a reading culture. 

Every person has a right to education either formal or informal. Books are one sure way to educate and pass information. Hence it’s importance in the learning process. Through books people can live better full lives one where they are more open minded and conscious of the choices they can make for a more productive life

Jerry was in love with books, this healthy obsession started from his childhood when his dad would get him coloring books and picture books. The books got replaced the older he grew, at age 12 he already mastered the world atlas and could read words kids his age couldn’t. The dictionary his dad got him helped his discovery of new words and their right application. The library was his treasure trove, he always got excited spending time around the numerous books and wondering what new world each book held.

 Jerry hoped to pass on his love for knowledge to his friends and others he would come in contact with. He most times would  donate his old books to the local schools in his area, or gift them to kids whose parents didn’t have the luxury of purchasing such books.

  Jerry’s dad realized early in life  that books were the most effective way  to combat illiteracy, despite been uneducated as a child he had read his way up, and had conquered the barriers that a lack of education had held against him earning his positions in his workplace he wouldn’t have dreamt of.  That is why till this day he makes it a habit to read a new book every month and this reading culture has become adopted by his kids. 

He  introduced the donating of old books to those who couldn’t afford it, by taking the kids with him whenever he visited the orphanage and making them have out the books to the kids after which they had to take turns reading a book and explaining it.  This was his way of giving back to the society. 

 The war against illiteracy is still at large but through tiny feats of kindness,  such as sponsoring the distribution  and donation of books to communities that  need such  assistance, the fight  can be  won. 

” let us spare a thought about millions of underprivileged children who are far removed from the world of books, online classes and one never knows when they may go back to school again. On this World Book Day, it’s important to take the time out and read with children. Books are the biggest tools to ‘fight illiteracy, poverty and strengthen peace”. (UNESCO on world book day 2021). 

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