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Extend a helping hand in love.

5am and Bola was up already,  she had to set the fire  and prep the materials for the meals her mum prepared which they hawked at the local market daily. 

 This routine was one that her body clock had grown accustomed to after months of repetitive actions. This had not always been her life’s story, but being the first of four set her at a place of responsibility which she executed well enough. 

 Losing Dada a year ago was the biggest shock of her family’s life. He had been on his way back from work and got hit by a driver who fled the scene. The first  few months after his death  were a bit lost to her as she had gone  listlessly about that time, acting as one who had lost touch with reality. 

Dada has been the sole provider for the family, spoiling Mami and we the kids with gifts and excess  love, this made his death all the more painful as their life did a complete turnaround. No one knew how to cope with such a loss,  but gradually  they came to accept their new normal and learn from it. Now they had to find ways to feed and cater for the basics such as food products, clothes and schooling. It was convenient for Bola to support Mami on the daily hawking routine since she would be able to push the truck while mum called out to prospects. She had quit School to enable her younger ones attend. But on days like this she felt nostalgic about what life would have been had the cold hands of death not snatched  Dada from  them. 

 Bola hoped for a miracle, that somewhere along the path, a kind soul may look upon her situation and help them out of it.

Many families like that of Bola go through a lot to especially with little to no income after certain tragedy strikes  them, this tragedy could be the loss of the family’s breadwinner,  certain mistakes in  finance, or that  they were simply born into such situations. It is our duty to extend a  loving hand if you are privileged to support them.  Ways you can help include.

You can give out funds to your local places of worship and have them distribute it amongst women who  are struggling to raise kids alone.

Another way to do that is to submit funds to orphanages, 

You could supply  breakfast to public schools in your area. 

Setting up small scale businesses for them.

Awarding scholarship to kids who can’t afford tuition. 

Join us today and always as we help the world become a better place by curbing poverty and  pursuing education for all. 

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