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Growing up Gift would spend her Saturday’s at the local church where the church members baked loaves of bread enough to feed 100 persons after which these loaves got packaged and sent out to predetermined locations, Gift couldn’t understand why someone would go through the labor of producing bread only to send it off.

At first, the process seemed a tiresome one for Gift who would rather spend her mornings catching up on the much-needed rest from the stress of the previous school week. When she complained to dad about how she would rather spend her Saturday morning, he informed her of the good work she was doing by joining mum to volunteer, She got to understand that the loaves of bread produced this way by her church were sent to orphanages and shelter homes to help the kids and less privileged persons on the streets feed well. Ever since that day Gift poured her heart into the volunteer work and as she packaged each loaf, she would say a prayer for the persons getting it that they may find ways to support themselves and their families.

Though it involved manual labor Gift now enjoyed doing this much for persons who needed it, the situation had opened her eyes to the reality and she desired to volunteer more at charities and to work with groups that did voluntary work geared towards the service of humanity.

Gift dreamed of owning an NGO that would cater for young abandoned mothers, they would get skilled up and learn to fend for themselves and their kids. Her dream was reasonable and her plans to help women would receive massive support from the public but first, she had to start impacting bit by bit from her little corner.

She searched for NGOs in her area that she could work with, she joined rallies that aimed to enlighten the public on the challenges the less privileged faced. She partnered up with fellow volunteers to run donation drives and skill acquisition programs.

What started as a chore for her in childhood blossomed into a career path and a life calling for Gift, she was determined to at least touch the lives of a thousand persons and to get more of such persons off the streets and engaged in activities that would support their needs.
Gift spent her holidays juggling programs that called for volunteers to help in rural communities, sometimes she would gather the kids who roamed the streets and teach them numbers and alphabets to help them go from illiterate to literate. These classes she held at her house using a whiteboard and marker to teach them the basics. In between classes she nourished them because hunger was an inhibitor to understanding and it slowed down the learning process of the kids. From the small space in her home, through sheer determination and hard work over the years that followed, Gift’s love for helping those in need birthed her first NGO which she dedicated to her mum for helping her find her path now she could accomplish all she wanted by carrying out acts of charity and impacting many lives.

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