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Ngolo had only dreams, and those dreams kept him awake most nights, because how could a boy from one of the poorest communities in the area become a pilot and fly one of those big birds he usually saw in the sky.

Thanks to Miss Nazhi, his passion and dreams got wings of hope to ride on, even though Miss Nazhi was a volunteer and only a temporary teacher sent to his school. She did not let that stop her from giving her all to these children, and as was her way, whenever she met children like Ngolo who had a dream but no vehicle to realize it, she lit a fire of hope among them, and although it was so unfortunate, she could only pat them on the back and confirm that their dreams would one day come true.

With Ngolo, she had great faith in the boy’s ability to achieve his dream. Her support for his dream therefore sprang from her firm belief that he would surely achieve what he had set out to do, which was to become a pilot.

She decided to use the school hours to teach him everything he needed to know about airplanes and how they work, she opened his eyes to the world, and that made him fall even more in love with his dream.

As providence would have it, the government started a project to allow most of the less privileged people to attend university. The only catch was that they had to pass the mock exam that determined which children were eligible for such a scholarship.

Ngolo was one of the few whose results impressed the project leaders, and that led to him receiving a scholarship to study a subject of his choice, and as we all know, he chose aviation, and years later he returned to his humble beginnings when he became the first person ever to fly an airplane.

This shows that dreams are justified and that a person’s situation does not determine his end.

Children like Ngolo exist, and we will continue to fan the flames of their dreams until they become a reality.

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