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November 10 is the day proclaimed by Unesco to commemorate the impact of science on society.

It is a day to highlight the role of science in society and the great advances it has brought about. In this way, science should be brought closer to society and integrated into the system for a better life.


This theme was chosen to highlight the increasing change in climate conditions and its consequences if nothing is done to address the increasing degradation. Another reason is to examine the possibility of using science to slow the effects of climate change and reduce its impact on humanity.

Every year on this day, conferences are held to elaborate concrete projects and programs to spread the role of science in the world and celebrate the milestones it has achieved in creating a level of peace and development for society.

Science has played an important role in the development of mankind as it has enabled many leaps and growth in the health and economy of nations.

Through science, the world has risen above certain problems that would have been difficult to overcome in the past.

By producing daily solutions to everyday life, science has become an integral part of society. And as a source of knowledge, it improves the quality of life and the longevity of health care.

The innovations produced by science and research have always had an impact on society, making it a hub of development in this way, and also creating peace through the solutions it provides, which otherwise would have become dangerous for humanity if the knowledge and innovations to deal with such situations had not been available.

The most common role that science plays is that of disseminating information on issues that improve the quality of life in general. This helps members of society to easily adapt and take prudent steps to live properly.

Science is one of the pillars of society, and we cannot overestimate its importance.

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