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Tanzania: We Are Working on Teachers’ Welfare -State

Zanzibar — The Minister for Education and Vocational Training Mr Simai Mohamed Said on Tuesday informed Zanzibar House of Representatives members that the government has not forgotten teachers’ welfare and would increase their salaries once the economy allows.

“The government had previously promised to look into the welfare of teachers in the country with a plan to increase their salaries. The government promised to do so if the economy gets better after the Covid-19 crises,” he said.

The Statement was in response to backbenchers in the House who wanted to know why the government has not increased teachers’ salaries after promises made by the seventh phase government of President Ali Mohamed Shein.

The legislators said teachers’ morale in teaching would be increased if the government implements the pledge including training more teachers to teach science subjects as most institutions face severe shortages.

“It is true that teachers teaching science subjects globally is a problem, because they are few. Many countries have similar problem, but let us encourage our children to study science subjects to fill the gap,” said the Minister, adding that his ministry was doing enough to ensure challenges in all schools are addressed.

Teachers and stakeholders mainly legislators have repeatedly called upon the government to find a solution and address teachers’ shortages and insufficient teaching equipment in school laboratories so that students improve in learning science subjects.

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