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Tanzania: Tenmet Wants Investment On Special Needs Education

In a bid to improve education, the Tanzania Education Network (TENMET) has urged the stakeholders to support the government’s efforts to invest in inclusive education to children with disabilities.

The TENMET National Coordinator, Mr Ochola Wayoga, said the improvement of the education sector was very important, as inclusive education successively provides opportunities for children to learn and allows progress in social interaction with their peers to form relationships.

The call was made on Thursday in an exclusive interview with the Daily News where he insisted that inclusive education is vital in the social development of students.

He added that this area aligns fundamentally with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 in calling for ‘inclusive and quality education for all’, but also speaks to wider social welfare of children.

It encompasses themes of inclusivity, equity and access. Mr Wayoga has also asked the government to invest more in early childhood education through that it will help to identify areas that are particularly challenging.

“As TENMET we will continue to support the government in providing access to quality education in the country. Also these students with disabilities through support they show better performance and improved skills through inclusive education,” he said.

He pointed out that the government should provide regular training for teachers, in order to increase skills and efficiency in their learning ability.

TENMET has been leading the national sensitivity and awareness campaigns through platforms such as the Global Action Week on Education (GAWE). TENMET is a national network of non-state actors in education founded in 1999 by 39 NGOs, having a common concern of the promotion of quality education in the country.

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