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Give them smiles

Mornings at the Ola’s home were chaotic in the least, with four kids to bathe and prepare for school and also cooking for the family including live in helps and relatives that never seemed to want to go back, after the morning rush came the cleaning up of the kitchen from top to floor and prepping for  lunch  and dinner sometimes this would include  running down to the mini-mart in the estate to get fresh food products. 

 Diana usually helped her mom prep the meals and set the  dining table and lunchboxes for the kids. After which she would set out to do the menial chores her mom assigned her to. This job has been her family’s source of income for five years now, since the restructuring at Dad’s former  office had left him jobless. 

As the eldest child she had recently begun escorting her mom to the Ola’s residence to contribute her quarter in earning for the family and reducing the workload on her mum. Even though Dad engaged in menial jobs, it only help to pay for the barest minimum, hence the need for more hands on the struggling deck. The job  with the Ola’s had it’s perks as it allowed them live in a room in the boys quarters, all five of them as losing dad’s job meant then losing their house and standard of living.

Some mornings you would catch Diana  sitting  among the gardens and watching the Ola’s kids pile into the car that would send them off to school, envying the life of ease they had and how years ago she was like them, no care in the world except what games she and her friends would play in school. 

When the restructuring had happened she was lucky to be in class six and was already writing her first school-leaving exams but she couldn’t go further with her education as she had to step back  and let her younger ones get the basic educational skills for survival in a fast growing world. But she still yearned to be in school to pursue her passion for teaching and Making learning interesting for kids. 

She had had this burning desire to be a teacher  since her first years in school,  where she fell in love with her homerooms teacher’s method of imparting knowledge which made it easier for the kids to enjoy each class and look forward to it. 

Diana was determined to go back to school but life had pulled a fast one on her family and they were still recovering, nevertheless she was willing to put in the work and see her dreams come true. 

Diana’s story is one among  million others, kids who dream of a better stable future where they can live out their passions.

 You could be the reason they smile again, through the following ways

Awarding scholarships to kids struggling to stay in school.

Donating to NGOs that partake in outreaches.

Supporting struggling families.

Giving to the local churches as they would dispense the aids to members in need.

Running a charity drive or holding auction sales to gather funds for mass charity activities.

Give kids like Diana a new reason to smile at life. 

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