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Tanzania: British Envoy Hails JPM’s Education Project

The British High Commissioner to Tanzania David Concar has commended President John Magufuli for the country’s notable progress achieved in the education sector since he ascended to power in 2015.

Mr Concar made the commendation on Monday at an event to inaugurate the 10.9bn/ newly-reconstructed Ihungo Secondary School in Kagera Region.

The United Kingdom donated 6bn/- to support the rebuilding of the school that was severely damaged by 5.9 magnitude earthquake, which hit Kagera region in 2016.

“I congratulate President Magufuli and his government on the progress they have made since coming to power in 2015,” he said.

The High Commissioner said under President Magufuli, 95 per cent of children enrolled in primary school, 77 per cent are now progressing to secondary school.

“I congratulate the President and his government on bringing not just more students into classrooms but more teachers. I congratulate the President on his recent fulfillment of the commitment he had made to recruit 13,000 new teachers.”

“I am proud of our donations of 6bn/-. It has been put to such effective use by the government and regional authorities not just to rebuild the facilities but to develop new earthquake-proof safe school construction standards that are now applied throughout the country,” he said.

In his speech, Mr Concar noted that the United Kingdom has been at the forefront of supporting Tanzania to ensure the education sector grows.

He explained that since 2015 the UK government has contributed about 507bn/- in the construction of classrooms and ensure access to quality education to Tanzanian children.

“Mr President, the rebuilding of this school is part of a broader UK partnership with your government since 2015; we have contributed over 507bn/- to education sector in Tanzania.”

He said UK has supported the education programme for results, which has enabled the full release of grants to improve quality assurance system and the construction of more than 500 schools in the last years.

The UK has also partnered with Tanzania in a programme called Equip Tanzania, where it has improved the quality of education for 3.1 million children in nine different regions of the country.

“Education is a big part of what the UK does with Tanzania; it is big and central to our friendship,” said the envoy, while also expressing his belief that Tanzania’s decision to invest in education is the key to liberating communities from poverty.

“Mr President, you and I were schooled and trained in the same scientific discipline, we both know the value of education, how else our young people can achieve their potential, how else our families and communities can overcome poverty and build a better future.”

He further acknowledged the President’s personal commitment that every child in Tanzania should have free fee access to basic education.

“These rebuilt schools I know, are part of the broader government and Tanzania efforts to expand access to education and drive up standards exemplified by the President’s personal commitment that every child in Tanzania should have free fee access to basic education,” he said.

President Magufuli applauded the UK government for their partnership with Tanzania in various development projects, while promising to maintain the friendship ties between the two nations.

“I am so grateful to our brothers and sisters in the UK; it is indeed, the friend in need is a friend indeed. We need this kind of development. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends in the UK and I am very happy to see the British High Commissioner to Tanzania David Concar.”

“Commissioner, on behalf of the government and the people of Tanzania, we ask you to convey our deepest gratitude to the UK government and her people as we have a long history together but also you are among our main economic partners.”

“UK has invested in our country 5.4 billion USD and provided 274,330 jobs, so I would like to assure the Commissioner that the relations between Tanzania and UK will continue to exist, as it is through this partnership that helps in building economies of our two nations.”

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