A community with empowered women is more likely to have a major impact on society and the nation as a whole.

This means that wherever women have the opportunity to do more, a remarkable impact is felt, disproving the notion that women are irrelevant to the community and are only good for keeping house and caring for children.

Current statistics show that with women’s empowerment, the gender gap is gradually being bridged, more girls are attending school, there are fewer cases of early marriage, and the resulting complications are decreasing. With advocacy against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), the number of these heinous acts has decreased.

There are three basic ways to empower women, directly or indirectly,

The first is advocating for women’s rights: This means raising their voices and defending their basic human rights, giving them a voice in society, and helping to protect their interests and issues that affect their overall well-being.

The second system for empowering women is to promote or support projects and programs that help women contribute to the economic and overall growth of their society.

Investing in girls’ education is the most effective way to empower women, whether through institutional education or vocational training. When women have access to knowledge, they can develop their innate skills, which they can then use to advance themselves.

When you empower a woman, you boost her confidence and self-esteem, which in turn makes her an invaluable resource for society as a whole.

The year is 2022, and women are making their mark in the local and global world. You can empower your fellow women by creating income streams for them or by reaching out to groups and government agencies that provide opportunities for them.

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