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Even the air seemed fresh to young Susan. The way the houses were built and the paths that led up to them were quite a spectacle. It was a big difference from where she had grown up. This new place seemed to be a world unto itself, so much was going on. The small town she had grown up in wasn’t nearly as big, and as her mother pulled her away from the shore, she couldn’t help but gaze in wonder at the new world she had entered.

Dragging a five-year-old child through the busy streets while trying to silence the one-year-old at her breast was not the way Maria had envisioned her entry into this place that would become her home. As an immigrant, she knew the road would not be easy for her and her young children, but that did not stop her from leaving her rundown home and crossing the sea in search of greener pastures that would help her provide for her family, especially as a single mother.

First of all, she had to find affordable housing, otherwise she and the children would have to move from one homeless shelter to the next, which was not safe for the children. The cost of living was another huge factor that would play a role in her new life, and the children’s education was also part of the many problems she faced.

If only there was someone to help her through this transition, her chaotic life would be much calmer, and she could navigate this new life with more ease.

Maria’s story is one of many other migrants around the world who need a temporary anchor during the storm of life they are going through, and that’s where NGOs like ours come in. We work diligently to make their transition seamless and help them find their footing much faster than if they were left to their own devices.

How you can help immigrants on the ground: a lot.

  1. Help them become familiar with the city
  2. Help them find a job that can earn them money, even if it is manual labor.
  3. Put them in touch with free service providers, such as health care workers, food truck organizers, shelter operators, etc.

Go the extra mile for someone this month.

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