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Smiling faces and warm hearts

The excitement you see on Makkar face is one that every child should have.

This is the first time Makkar is receiving formal education which is a great feat for his family and the community at large. His sisters didn’t get the opportunity to go to school before they had to be married off and his two older brothers had taken to farming and rearing cattle to help cater for the large extended family.

From when he was five, he showed interest in attending school and would most times sit at the market square in the mornings and evenings to watch kids from the next community going and coming back from school, while kids his age played games, he spent most of his time visiting the homes of school children he knew and looking through their school books this was how he learned the basics.

His dream finally came true when visiting volunteers to his community took notice of his Zeal for education and decided to sponsor him alongside 10 other kids through primary and secondary school.

Now every morning Makkar wakes up and joins other kids on their way to school, no longer does he have to sit by the road to watch them.
And though the school is located in the next town Makkar and other kids from his community are elated to be able to go to school after years of watching other children skip to school every morning.

The right to good education is a fundamental child’s right which most kids are unprivileged to receive, these are kids from parts of underdeveloped countries, or whose caretakers and parents live below minimum wage and can barely put food on the table or provide basic amenities.
That is why humanitarians are called upon to bring life to the dreams of kids like Makkar.

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