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If there be a time when all will be well with the world, then the change starts with you, and me.

This year’s 16 days of Activism against gender-based violence kick-started on the 25th of November and will run till the 10th of December the main reason for this is to create awareness on the different types of violence against women and how it affects them mentally physically.

This awareness program is not only aimed at creating awareness but at helping victims speak out and encourage other women. when survivors of physical or sexual abuse speak up, they give hope to those in the same situation and they also expose perpetrators of such acts.

Statistics report that about 7out of 10 females experience abuse, which means that one female in every family has gone through either verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.

Most rape cases are carried out by either family members or close family friends who then threaten their victims with inflicting more pain if ever they spoke up about it. This is the main reason why most victims keep quiet about the abuse and endure it till it ruins them.

Speaking about the abuse is not enough, these women need to be protected after they share their stories, protected from societal prejudice and the stigma such abuse carries.

In these 16 days, how would you contribute to solving this problem of Gender-based violence, or what role will you play in making sure the penetrators receive punishment for their crimes.

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