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Curbing Violence Against Women.

Not ignoring violence against women is a primary human right, and adequate measures must be taken to ensure that women can live their lives free from violence of any kind.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, observed on November 25, aims to draw attention to the fact that violence against women is wrong and harms both mental and physical health.

WHO recently released a report on data on violence against women, which shows that one in three women will experience either physical or sexual violence by a partner or random person during her lifetime. This report was produced to provide a concrete account of this issue and to highlight the need to address it.

Most women who suffer from such violence rarely talk about it because they see no way out of the situation and have lost hope. However, when health workers and volunteers show some caring, their awareness opens up because they feel that these people can solve their problems or know someone who can.

But emotional support should not be the only way to help these women, especially victims of sexual violence. Another way to help them is to offer health services and shelters that ensure they have a place to turn to escape violence.

Women’s rights should be protected, and those who obstruct the enforcement of such laws should be punished accordingly.

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