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Ravi was used to the traditional system of walls and chalkboards learning, it was the concept of education she had been born into and all she knew was that for learning to take place there had to be a physical teacher pointing and giving out instructions. 

 Which is why it came as a shock to her when their landlady and employer insisted she continued learning despite the pandemic closing down all schools which were the only center for formal education. 

Mrs Bala had to explain to Ravi’s mum that to the classes would be holding right at home and as such wouldn’t interface with their routines and that it  was also safe as there would be no need for an instructor to come in for the classes.  The learning was going to be online through mediums that offered visual classes through videos, all Ravi had to do was join her daughter every morning for the classes and complete her assignments in due time for grading. 

This was a totally new development for Ravi whose concept of Education had just been revolutionized, but being a smart girl, Ravi caught on quickly on how to navigate the online learning space and soon enough she was well grounded in using the computer system in the study room owned by Mrs Bala kids  for learning diverse topics most of them classes she wouldn’t learn in a traditional school system, she also picked up skills that she never thought possible to learn on her own. 

Ravi was grateful for the nudge Mrs Bala had given her as that was the turning point in her life, it had opened her mind’s eye to tell endless possibilities the world had to offer. 

Online learning systems met an all time rise  when the pandemic forced school closures and alternatives to learning had to created.  Although online learning has always been in place long before then, but the year 2020 showed increased statistics in its implementation. 

Online learning platform has many advantages some include,

Greater interaction between students

Personal development at individual pace.

Easy comprehension. 

Multiple tools for personalized learning. 

This mode of learning has proved it’s worth and hence it’s adoption into every possible situation that involves learning, be it new languages, skills or courses for various fields, going as far as being able to give out certificates for attaining mastery of any online course. No longer are certificates given as proof of excellence in traditional Education the only criteria for employment, online certificates have same credibility now.

 Online learning is predicted to over throw the traditional systems and become the standard in the nearest future. 

 But a downside of this great opportunity is its inaccessibility for those in rural areas who don’t own internet connection and gadgets for effective learning, it will take a while for this revolution  to reach them and only through support from volunteers and donors can this become a reality for them. 

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