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One-day Teachers Training program -partial scholarship for students of Royal Challenge Academy.

On February 25th, the students of Royal Challenge Academy received a significant boost in their pursuit of a long-term academic career. We carried out a teacher training program as a gesture to help bring the teachers up to speed on the best practices for handling children at a very young age, nurturing them as well as encouraging them to act as a guardian angel to the students. Teachers were made to understand the standard methods of teaching and how to prepare themselves in order to work effectively. For example, how to prepare their lesson notes before coming to class, how to monitor their students’ progress throughout the term, how to administer assessments, and so on.

Students’ morale was boosted when they were all offered a partial scholarship across all classes. This means that we paid half of their school fees in order to encourage the parents. The school has a total of 109 students, and they all jumped for joy when they received the presentation. Books were also donated to the school, which will be given as a gift to students who perform exceptionally well in their exams. The teachers were overjoyed because they had complained that most of the parents find it difficult to pay the school fees, citing the fact that most of them are farmers with many mouths to feed. Some have only been able to send one or two of their children to school, while the rest work in the market or on farms.

This scholarship comes as a huge relief to both parents and teachers. The parents rejoiced because they now have to pay less and still receive a good education for their wards, while the teachers rejoiced because they now have some money to help run the school and pay their salaries. The teachers complained bitterly about lack of text books to aid them in teaching the students, Lema Plan International promised to donate these items ranging from text books to writing materials.

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