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One-day Sensitization Program for Students.

On the 25th of June, 2021 the proposed one-day sensitization program was held at Abia State Senior Science School Owerinta, Isiala Ngwa South L.G.A, Abia State Nigeria.

The program was targeted towards the Senior Secondary 1 (SS1) to the Senior Secondary 3 (SS3) students as the school is a full boarding school. The objective of the program is in line with Lema Plan International’s goals of ensuring that we equip children with numeracy, literacy, and skills that they need to realize their potential and have a sense of belonging. This event was organized in collaboration with the school’s alumni body, Abia Senior Science School Ihie Alumni Initiative (ASSSIA Initiative Class of 2008). The event began with opening prayers and then speakers took turns educating and informing students on topics such as the implications and how to avoid school violence, choosing a successful career, and being an exceptional student.

Teachers were excited about the opportunity for students to be impacted outside of the school curriculum and students were receptive to the new knowledge and greatly appreciated the efforts of the event organizers.

Ending school violence is an underrated issue in schools across the country, as statistics have shown that the rate of bullying, sexual assault, and extortion has increased in recent years. These disturbing issues can be categorized between teacher-student and student-student violence. The topic was sensitive as students learned to identify these violent activities and how to manage and avoid them. They were encouraged to contact the proper authorities and report such abuse, and witnesses were compelled to bring it to the attention of the school counselor and the head of school so that they could deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

The presentation on career guidance was an eye-opener for the students. They understood that as high school students, they should be choosing the career they want to pursue. They were encouraged to make researches in the pursuit of their dreams, using modern tools and keeping up with current trends in the world, and embracing technology. They understood that the world was becoming increasingly global, rapidly changing trends, and opening the door to new careers.

In teaching them how to become exceptional students, the benefits were highlighted as follows;

  • Exceptional students excel in school and then in life.
  • Being exceptional allows you to be ranked higher as a student.
  • Exceptional students have better opportunities in the marketplace.

After the lectures, the students were treated to refreshments and also received gift bags with writing materials and mathematical sets donated by Lema Plan International. They had big smiles on their faces and the joy in their hearts was evident as they celebrated their new knowledge. The teachers in attendance were not to be outdone, as they also received packages to further encourage them in their work of educating the students in these difficult times. At the end of the program, the LPI and ASSSIA of the class of 2008 initiated a project to remodel the school’s multipurpose room, which all these years have been used as a dining hall, exam room, chapel, meetings, etc. Due to its heavy use and lack of maintenance, the room has seriously deteriorated and poses a significant risk to students and teachers, with reported cases of injury.

The students and teachers were full of praise and thanked Lema Plan International and the class of 2008 school alumni for organizing such an informative and effective program. This event was a success and we thank the planning committee and all those who contributed in one way or another. It was an excellent program and achieved its objective. In that spirit, we would like to thank all members who actively or passively supported the cause, so that our efforts are not in vain.

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