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Mathias would give the shirt off his back if he believed it would help someone else, yes he was that devoted to helping others especially the less privileged. He was a selfless volunteer who was constantly planning ways to help members of his community. He had a routine that directed his works of charity, if he was not donating his time at the local shelter, he was gathering items for goodwill to support those who needed it.

Mathias ran a monthly charity drive, which he uses to raise funds and items such as canned and packaged foods, used and unused clothes, tools that will help the needy, books for school children who can’t afford it, money to support struggling families.

At the beginning of every month, he would put up notices in public areas asking for support, the notice would have information on what the month’s drive was about and how the donations could be made, the location to send the support to, and the day of distribution. This was to aid volunteers and charitable individuals such as him to do the good work that gave them a feeling of fulfillment.

Each month had a theme and purpose for the drive, at times It would be to raise money to get a family off the streets or help a student stay in school. It could also be for raising funds for basic items an orphanage or shelter home would need. There were also months that the drive was centered on women and their sanitary needs.

Charity drives are important as they help society by allowing good individuals to give back to the community, it also promotes the giving culture and reduces waste as both decent used and unused items can be donated.
Charity drives help create a healthier life for those who receive these donations as it relieves their struggle for daily sustenance. It promotes happiness for both the giver and receiver.

How to run a charity drive in your area:
If you are interested in running a donation drive the type that Mathias runs monthly, these are a few guidelines;

  • Find partners to support you.
  • Set goals for the donation.
  • Market your donation by creating awareness on platforms.
  • Choose donation points.
  • Sort the donations
  • Schedule the day to distribute the donations.
    challenges might come up such as low turn out of donation items, Unsupportive partners, tome constraints, etc. That shouldn’t deter you, do good and help the less privileged in your community your reward is in the satisfaction of helping others.

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