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October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day.

 This day is intended to draw attention to the problems of people who suffer from this speech disorder. It commemorates the millions of people around the world who live with this particular speech disorder and highlights ways to make their lives easier by educating families and friends on how to better manage their speech disorder and informing them of new developments in the treatment of this disorder. Another way to mark the day is to help them connect with others affected by the disorder and show them that they are not alone in their plight.

Let’s understand the whole aspect of stuttering

What is stuttering? Stuttering is a communication disorder that involves problems with fluency and speech.

People with stuttering speech errors have difficulty saying what they want to say, and often they become annoyed with the situation and become quiet and uncommunicative.

Stuttering is common in children who are just developing their speech and communication skills, but it becomes a problem when the stuttering grows with the child into adulthood.

Stuttering can take the form of difficulty starting and completing sentences, repeating and lengthening words, tightening facial muscles when carrying on a conversation, communication anxiety, and the inability to fully communicate thought processes.

The effects of stuttering increase when a person’s emotions are heightened or when they are under pressure. This speech impediment usually has a massive impact on the lives of those affected, initially creating a negative self-perception, lowering self-esteem and the ability to build good relationships. It promotes a constant state of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder in bullying victims.

Genetics play a role in this slow language development problem, but other factors such as traumatic brain injury, strokes and brain disorders can also lead to stuttering.

The good news is that people who suffer from such speech defects have a better chance of living a normal life with appropriate speech therapy or electronic speech correction devices.

2 thoughts on “October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day.”

  1. Never knew stuttering was a result of brain disorder, most children suffer low self esteem because of this, some are being mocked/mimicked/ carjoled my cousin lived with this disorder and as children we made fun of her speech disability but later got to adapt to that. I believe they could be encouraged by teaching them to take a deep breathe before they could speak
    instead of making fun of them.
    Thank you lemaplaninternational.

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