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Life has never been fair to Jane. Losing her parents just a few months after her birth was a terrible fate, and so as a child, she knew only the four walls of the orphanage where she grew up. It had been her home since birth, and now that she was 18, she had to find her way. After all, the caregivers had given her the best life they could afford thanks to donations and sponsorship from philanthropists and had provided her with basic education.

Jane dreamed of being a woman who would impact society through innovative and scientific methods. Her interest in the world of science was sparked by the volunteers who visited her school to educate her about opportunities in STEM and show her how revolutionary the STEM concept is. These volunteers opened her eyes to the diversity of STEM fields and shared stories of women’s contributions to the field and how it has helped girls pursue a career path they otherwise would never have considered.

After the speech, Jane immersed herself in careful research on the topic, discovering her love of science and igniting a passion for social impact within her.

She wanted to give back to the society that had taken care of her since the loss of her parents. This led her to apply for various scholarships to further her education and achieve her dream of being a renowned woman in the STEM [science, technology, engineering, mathematics] field. This passion was born as she studied the lives of great African STEM women like Ohemma Adjei Andoh, Grace Nambatya Kyeyune, and other African women who have broken the norm and paved a path of excellence for other girls.

Although Jane began her life in an orphanage, she was determined to rise above the norm. She wanted to break the barriers and make a name for herself in STEM to prove that every child in the world has a future and that hidden potential can be brought to light and harnessed with the right tools to improve lives in communities and the world at large.

2 thoughts on “A FUTURE FOR EVERY CHILD”

  1. Jane is an exceptional girl child, just like many of us but we sometimes don’t see it within us!
    Society, environment and cultural beliefs make us think less but we should strive to be like Jane, having a yearn for value to birth social impact.
    Beautiful story!

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