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LPI Christmas food items reach out to widows

The end of each year is typically marked with global celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s. Many families in Nigeria usually travel back to their hometowns during the holidays to spend time with their loved ones.

One of the problems facing Nigeria as a country right now is the high cost of living. This is caused by excessive inflation in the market price of products and food.

In order to assist impoverished widows in rural areas at this difficult time, Lema Plan International decided to send them a surprise Christmas package.

In Nigeria, people celebrate holidays to the fullest. During these times, extended family members get together to eat, drink and generally have a good time. These times are typically highly hectic, with a lot going on, including child dedications, marriages, funerals, etc.

The majority of low-income families are frequently left out during this time since they cannot afford to buy food and other necessities to make their celebrations opulent due to the high level of inflation. Their children are assigned to work for the more affluent families, doing errands and working for them for minimal money.

Many underprivileged children are sent out to hawk on the streets, highways, and roads at this time to generate enough money for their families and make ends meet. These low-income families view this time as a chance to make a small profit for themselves.

From December 9th to December 19th, 2022, Lema Plan International decided to visit several less privileged widows in the Obowo and Isiala-Ngwa Local Government Areas. The women were amazed by our unexpected visit and gifts. The gift included eight packets of iodized salt, a carton of tomato paste, a carton of noodles, a roll of spice cubes, and a bag of rice.

The women thanked the organization and prayed for them at this particular moment. They expressed their gratitude as they showed us how significant this act of kindness is to them and their kids.

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