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Our main goal is to equip children with numeracy, literacy, and life skills that they need to realize their greatest potential and make maximum use of it to use for their country’s need to generate jobs, create innovative chances and increase economic growth.

we want to give each child a place in the future for great impact by equipping him/her with the best educational tools available. We also plan on empowering females in education and skills acquisition, to help them have an important standing in society.

In a world going global at great speed, Lema plans to create systems that ensure that more poor kids join the world’s race through education, through encouraging the girl child that education is equally as important as it is to the male child. We aim to reduce the impact of hunger in orphanages and on the streets, as they say, “food is the easiest way to a man’s heart, and a full stomach allows for a sharper mind” this translates to the notion that if the hunger factor is eliminated, these persons will be able to work more effectively at bettering themselves and get energetic pursuing ventures that will provide for them and their family.

Through this clear vision statement, we are focused on creating avenues that will genuinely help suffering children live beyond the standard that society has established for them.
Our awareness programs in select schools around the nation have allowed us to give students a broader look at life by educating them of opportunities beyond the school and how best they can be exceptional students.

Through our scholarship programs, we have helped retain students that would have otherwise dropped out of school due to inability to pay school fees and other requirements.

In our capacity, we have provided school supplies to students which included backpacks, books, writing tools all these in a bid to keep more children in school and give them a better opportunity to stand out in the future.

Basic education has proven to be the stepping stone for anyone hoping to have better opportunities in life, through education, doors that seemed impossible to penetrate become accessible to these children, they gain access to areas they never dreamed of that Is why we hope to give every child equal options when it comes to a career path.

The females are not left out in our quest, we carry out sensitization talks on the benefits of educating the girl child and how such an important choice would be beneficial to the community in the long run, as a nation with both educated females and males have a higher probability of immerse growth and development. An educated female has a great advantage over one who is not as through her education, she learns things that would help her care for herself and her family better which in turn will impact her community in the long run.

At LEMA PLAN INTERNATIONAL, We hope to give the less privileged ample opportunity to get a good head start in life. This is our vision that there are fewer children on the streets and more in schools.

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