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There comes a time of reflection and pondering in a person’s life, and it usually hits us at the end of the year when we sit down and think about our deeds and what we have accomplished so far and how many people we have helped or touched.

Many smile at the memory of the good deeds they have done, such as giving change to the street vendor, giving others a ride, paying for food for others, sponsoring a fundraiser or a child’s education, getting children and women off the streets, and more. Others wish they were better at putting smiles on people’s faces and spreading kindness. But one fact of life is that it’s never too late to do a good deed or plan to do more in the new year.

Statistics show that there are still many children who dream of schooling but cannot afford it. Even worse, some children do not know how much they would benefit from education and how to keep them out of the slums and out of the trenches of poverty. These children, who by rights should have access to the best education systems, have been deprived of it because of their birth and marital status, as they are below the income threshold needed to sustain and support their families. This is where you come in. You can be the caregiver who gives wings to the dreams of these children. You can choose to support the dreams of a less privileged child by paving the way to enlightenment by sponsoring their educational endeavors. This is one way to help children who have been born into a situation that denies them the idea of a bright and beautiful future.

There are other ways you can give wings to the dreams of poor children you have overlooked, such as;

  1. You can provide the family with an income with which they can finance the children’s education.
  2. Helping the children participate in scholarship programs run by large non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or by the state or national government.
  3. Bringing to the attention of capable people who can make a big difference in the lives of less privileged children.
  4. Partnering with schools or individuals to reduce the cost of school fees so that children with special problems have a chance to receive a formal education.
  5. Volunteers organizing monthly to quarterly fundraisers to keep such children in school.

Good deeds gladden the heart and improve the lives of those who are helped. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t done much, but use these tips to improve yourself in the new year so you have reason to smile at the end of the year.

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