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Esther Ukamaka needs your help

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A school outreach was organized by our team last year at Community Secondary School (CSS) Umu-Alor, ISI-Uzo LGA Enugu State on June 2, 2022.

The LPI school outreach program was established to assist indigent school children whose education is jeopardized by poverty and other socioeconomic challenges in remaining in school by providing scholarships and academic support to children in the specified category.

The school outreach program assisted four secondary school students and from the mentioned school with their education by awarding two senior and two junior, male and female students with one-year scholarships for the following academic session. The beneficiary students’ homes were also visited. This was an opportunity for LPI to meet with parents to discuss the various challenges they face in sending their children to school and how organizations like LPI can assist them and other families facing similar challenges. The parents were thrilled to receive such financial assistance and were overjoyed to express their gratitude, making it a happy moment.

Today, Esther Ukamaka is looking for a sponsor. It’s important to allow her access to a better future. 

Please kindly visit the link below for donation https://lemaplaninternational.org/donate-now/ or send us an email at info@lemaplaninternational.org


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