Lemaplan International


Together We Can Provide Better Life to All African Children

Your Donation Can Change Lives

When you donate, you are helping schools, students and families in Africa to break a cycle of poverty that is being passed on from generation to generation. With your kind gesture contributions, we will always make sure these young people and their families have access to quality education, resources, services and training that will allow them to have independent and fulfilled lives – the kind of life we want for ourselves and our families too.


Your contributions and support will go along way in achieving our goals. 


You can indicate to be in contact with children you can sponsor and you will receive an annual report of the sponsored children. You can contact us at info@lemaplaninternational.org

no one has ever become poor by giving

support a child...

You can always decide to be a voice the one or more voiceless children out there. You may decide to sponsor through school or skill acquisition of a child to create a better future for these kids.

I would like to help by becoming a Guardian Angel

With your regular support, you will enable more children to grow up healthily, go to school and feel protected.

want to know about your donations?

Transparent and verifiable – your donation helps children immediately and long-term.

Your donations are in good hands

It is our duty to be fully transparent towards the children, our donors and supporters. You can always reachout to track your donations.

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