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By world records, countries that have long history of war and famine have a higher rate of poverty and displaced persons, as the unrest keeps the economy fluctuating and the nation remains unstable for a  very long time.

  Nearly 40%of the world’s 195 countries will see civil unrest in 2020 according to CNBC and 47 countries witnessed surge in civil unrest  in the same year. 

Unrest has multiple effects in a country, mostly negative effects, some of which include:

Displacement of people: when these Unrest develop to the use of weapons and mass destruction of homes and property, it leads to loss of homes and lives and hence many people are displaced in the society. 

Death and sexual violence: civil unrest causes mass death as there are most times Innocents caught in the crossfire especially when it is between two disagreeing parties. The men would resort to violating most women as a show of dominance and instilling fear in the area. 

It sets a nation back: a nation that is constantly in a state of unrest rarely sees opportunities to grow and develop as it always tries to rise from the chaos that such civil unrest has inflicted.

The economic sector: A country going through unrest  suffers an economic down slide as even the farming sector is affected and hence there is no source of feeding and prices of processed foods skyrocket leading to hunger, malnutrition and illnesses caused by consumption of unhealthy foods. 

Mental Health: Civil unrest causes most of the nation’s citizens to go through mental distress, and traumatic experiences that affects their physiology and takes time to heal hence keeping them in a loop of fear.

Civil unrest mostly arise from disagreement between ethnic groups, social groups, political parties, and sectors that have different views on how the nation should be run. 

Most times it is instigated by people in power trying to undermine authority or to prove a point. 

It starts out as warnings and protests by the sector in opposition and when attention is not being paid to them, they resort to violence and property destruction to garner attention to their cause.

 The nation can solve this issues by quelling situations of unrest before they escalate, they can also increase security operatives who can handle and curtail the excesses of civilians trying to usurp power or take laws into their own hands.  And when all else seems to fail, the can implore external aids and seek Better options to deal with the conflict. 

 Survivors of  civil unrest take a long time to heal, and nations that experience such have a hard time rising from such massive destruction hence they tend to stay in the  Third world country level as underdeveloped and poverty striken nations. 

 Civil unrest mostly has dire consequences and should in no way be seen as the answer to  conflicts. 

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