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This is the story of Nadira, the daughter of Ngolo, whose hometown is located at the foot of Igiza. Growing up as the seventh child in a family of 12, she was the invisible one, which meant she was almost always alone, leading her to find different ways to spend her time alone.

Once a month, volunteers from all walks of life came to her village, each group with a solution to the various problems that plagued them. These visits benefited her community and helped her live a better life, and she always looked forward to them.

This month, very different visitors came, who, according to the village chief, planned to stay for three months, which would be the longest stay of any visitor in Nadira’s hometown.

As usual, they were provided with the visitors’ hut, which was furnished with beds made of mud and covered with torn blankets to make sleeping on the hill easier. Although living conditions were harsh, the visitors were on a mission and therefore had to make do with what was available.

On their second day in the city, they visited the city’s only community school and spoke at length with the students about the benefits of education and how the world is a digital space that thrives on digital skills. After the speech, Nadari was so excited that she immediately signed up for the three-month digital skills training offered. She saw it as an opportunity to finally become relevant to her community, as she wanted to use the skills she acquired to connect with the world and present her community to others.

After 3 months of intensive training, Nadiri was rewarded with a laptop to further develop her newly acquired skills as a graphic designer. During her training, she did so well that she got jobs that paid more than her parents’ living expenses. This reality opened her eyes to the possibilities that digital skills offer.

She took it upon herself to help others in her community come to that conclusion, thus building a system of youth equipped with various digital skills that would contribute to the growth and development of the community and eventually the world.

Just as digital skills have changed Nadiri’s life, we hope to show more people the possibilities of the digital space and how to use them effectively.

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