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Climate change and its effects:

Surely the cries against actions that promote the rapid change in world climate are not a false cry for attention. This matter on climate change is bound to affect each one of us in no distant time.

Now, if you were wondering what climate change is and how it affects the world, then read on.

Climate change is a change that occurs over a long period, like a rolling avalanche building momentum as it rolls down.  It affects the weather over time, by shifting the normal patterns and distorting times and seasons. When the weather is irregular, certain changes occur, such as a rise in sea levels at usual times,  disruption of farming systems, temperature rises/drops. All these and more are the effects of climate change or Global warming.

Global warming is a result of the fast-paced industrialization projects all around the world which lead to deforestation or the release of harmful toxins that pollute the air and harm the Ozone layer. This means the role of humans in giving rise to this climate change matter is indisputable.

The effects of this climate change will affect every person, because, from statistics and research, it is believed that there will be an increase in heatwaves, which is already visible, rise in sea levels, melting of glaciers, what this shows is that the threat is real and we need to speak up to that effect.

Here are some ways we can battle this huge crisis:

1.     Get educated, learn how you as an individual have been contributing to global warming, and work on doing better and quitting those old habits.

2.     Teach others what you know: An educated community is bound to do more than an ignorant one that goes about hurting the earth with no idea of the harm they are inflicting.

3.     Conserve energy: if you can’t completely go green, try to reduce your water and food mismanagement, go for systems that will reduce energy overuse.

4.     Speak Up: if you are opportune to speak up about climate change, then do so. Help more persons understand the global catastrophe that will hit the world if no action is taken.

Climate change affects all, and as such, let us work on curbing it in our little way.

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