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Celebrating Teachers Day

David was fond of buying gifts for his teachers, other student frowned upon this as they thought it a ploy to curry favor from the teachers. But David only used this to appreciate those who had imparted into him the basics of learning. 

 He was ever grateful for the great start he had on life thanks to instructors that never gave up on him especially as a kid with a speech defect. His early stage educator had been an epitome of patience and care, she was one who took her time to make sure each child got a fair advantage at Learning to speak she write.  Even if it meant her offering extra lessons after school for the kid. 

Next came his math teacher who made the him fall in love with the subject early enough and that helped him to never have a problem with it as an engineering student allowing him ace the every course that involved mathematics. 

His grammar teacher was not left off as one of the pillars  of his formative Education, he was responsible for David’s love for books and turning him into such a voracious reader at that time it seemed he was a task master driving them to read a new book every week after which he would access them on their summary skills and spellings too. This went a long way  in helping him develop  strong vocabulary which he flaunted whenever an opportunity arose for such. 

These were the educators that stood out more for him through his formative years, and they were responsible for how great he turned out and this made him appreciate their hard work. He realized that a good foundation was  essential  for every person and once it is not set up right, there is bond to be noticeable difference between a person with good Educational background and one without a good Educational background. 

 This week was dedicated to be marked in celebration for all teachers and instructors and all who directly and indirectly impact knowledge to people these include public figures who are role models, parent figures who push their wards to excellence and certified educators  who with the passion to impart knowledge have raised men and women of great caliber. 

The rural areas account for a gap in this sort of privilege, because factors such as the ratio of students to teachers in places like this  is most times 6:1 and since they rarely have trained staff that can cater for such large numbers, there is considerable lack in their Education modules. 

As we celebrate teachers , these areas that can’t yet celebrate these level of impact should be put in view and avenues created to send more instructors their way and funding sourced to  set the instructors up in a way that would make their experience in the rural areas  pleasant and allow them teach very effectively. 

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