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WORLD YOUTH DAY: Celebrate the youth of Impact.

Tony was the guy everyone wanted to deal with, not because he was wealthy, but because his charisma drew people to him the way bees are drawn to a honeycomb. In a short time, he has impacted hugely in young people like him, equipping them with skills and tools that enabled them to live better lives.

As a young man of 23, he had accomplished feats that his peers could only dream of. This did not happen overnight, but it was an accumulation of hard work and dedication that led to his success.

His story began like most people living under poor conditions which could seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel until, by a stroke of luck, his community was selected by a non-governmental organization for a community rehabilitation project that focused on the education sector, food supply and waste management system. This project was intended to give his community a new face and allow it to access national resources that had been denied to it because of its situation.
Tony benefited from the revolution of the education sector in his community when he, along with 9 other children, received a scholarship that covered his education from elementary school to college and paved the way for him to broaden his horizons. It all started with an opportunity that he seized until it bore fruit. Now he dedicates his life to nurturing young people like himself to develop a world where young people take full responsibility for the kind of life they want.

Fatima leads the team of girls for impact, a community of young girls who have come together to make their voices heard in society on behalf of girls’ issues. At 19 years old, she is already impacting the lives of girls around her by telling the story of a survivor who ran away from home as a child to avoid marriage. By sharing her story of how she went through life-changing events that made her who she is now, she inspires girls to want more out of life. Her main cause is fighting child marriage and advocating for girls’ education.

August 12 is a day that is set aside each year to raise awareness about youth issues. It is a day to recognize youth and the different ways they have impacted the society in which they live by celebrating youth like Tony and Fatima who have improved the lives of those around them.

Recent population statistics show that young people ages 15 to 24 make up 1.21 billion of the world’s total population check here. This study shows that young people can significantly influence decisions in the world, as their numbers allow them to take actions that affect the course of a nation. Time and again, youth have played an important role in the growth and development of the world through their innovative and entrepreneurial activities that are driven by the zeal and dedication to improve lives and create better opportunities for themselves and the world. Therefore, everything concerning them must be followed with the utmost attention, for they are the future. Support systems that promote the education and growth of young people should be at the heart of any government that seeks to build its capacity in the years ahead.

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