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WORLD AIDS DAY THEME For2021: End Inequalities, End Aids

All around the world, December 1st is marked as World Aids Day, it is a day set aside to reawaken the awareness for the deadly disease called HIV.

This year’s theme was chosen to educate people on the fact that the social stigma attached to Aids is hurtful and further deteriorates the carrier’s health either physically or mentally.

Aids as we all know attacks the immune system and weakens it by destroying the white blood cells that protect against infections. When this defense is broken, the body now becomes open to all sorts of infections both mild and severe, common and Chronic infections which feed on the human body and slowly lead to death.

Even with current trends, and better equipped scientific research being funded to find a cure to the disease, there is still not one cure for the killer Virus which means that once a person is infected, the only solution is to manage it and protect the body against infections.

With the introduction of Antiretroviral drugs, a carrier can live up to 7 years with the Aids virus as long as the doses are taken on time and other procedures are carried out.

What we can do as individuals to help WHO combat this Major Public Health Issue is to propagate the right information about it, that is by spreading the word about HIV, its prevention, the need to get tested regularly, and the coping mechanism carriers can adopt to live a normal life despite the virus. We also must debunk Myths around the Virus and fight against the stigmatization Of people living with HIV/ AIDS.

Join the movement today, share this post and save a life.

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