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Valentine through Faith’s eyes and Destiny’s heart.

Faith has always loved Valentine’s day, it meant lots of gifts for her and the other children at the orphanage. Valentine’s day was always anticipated by the kids as this was the day different people and groups would come to spend time with them and gift them different items, making them feel loved and special. These gifts were of varieties, from food stuffs like cartoon of noodles, spaghetti, rice, milk, cereals, drinks, snacks, to new dresses and shoes, cleaning tools, e.t.c some go as far as baking cake and bringing it to the orphanage to celebrate with the children.

For this year’s Valentine, the kids decided to hold performances to entertain their visiting guests. These activities included singing, short drama, art and crafts, they also created little handmade gifts, ranging from beaded wrist bands, necklaces, drawings and lots more this was their way of showing appreciation to all who would come.

Valentine’s day had finally arrived and the kids started receiving visitors as early as 9am, once the visitor had filled in their details, they would take them to the hall and make their little presentation. Followed by prayers and gifting of their crafts. This was how they carried on till the last of their guests left and exhaustion was all they felt but that didn’t compare to the joy in their young hearts for the gifts and time their visitors spent with them.

Destiny was a kind soul who couldn’t stand to see someone in need, she was well known in the community as a charitable person, though most people teased her by calling her Mother Theresa but that didn’t perturb her, She always felt fulfilled doing works of charity, it was her way of giving back to the society.

For this year’s Valentine she cooked meals and got them packaged with drinks, she was going to distribute it on the streets to beggars, and those who couldn’t afford a decent meal. Knowing she couldn’t do it alone she enlisted the help of some friends to assist with the sharing of the food packs. This was her definition of a well spent Valentine’s day, showing love to those in need of a little care and comfort.

Valentine connoted as the day love is expressed openly, has different meaning for different people but the type of love expression that beats others is the love where you sacrifice time, effort, finances to show the less privileged around you that someone cares about them and they too can receive love and care. At LEMA PLAN INTERNATIONAL this is the kind of love we care about. Helping the people one at a time.

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