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The Vision That Fuels Our Passion At Lema Plan International

LEMA PLAN INTERNATIONAL is a non-governmental organization that aims to support women and children in Switzerland by providing them with a better life and education. Our goal is to provide a better lifestyle for children who have not had such a privilege since birth.

The movement started as a single man’s dream to care for the most overlooked people in society, but in the years that followed, this dream grew to include more volunteers with a similar passion and crossed national borders to gain partnerships in Nigeria and Togo.

The work in Switzerland involves supporting migrants and asylum seekers, especially women and children, by helping them seamlessly integrate into Swiss society and helping them build a secure system to earn money and meet their needs.

Since its inception, Lema Plan International has been providing a better lifestyle, offering education to women and children at every stage of life, from early education to adult education.

LEMA PLAN INTERNATIONAL has three priority sectors. The education sector, the health sector and the food sector. These focus areas were chosen because they represent the most important category of assistance that can be offered to the people in our target area.

THE EDUCATION SECTOR: Lema Plan international has a major impact on ensuring and promoting quality education in rural Africa. This includes numerous educational programs and lectures in schools. In the works is a project to provide education to children who cannot afford it by establishing a temporary scholarship program for some outstanding children in some schools in rural communities. Although scholarships were offered, our goals have not been met.

Providing school uniforms, books, writing materials and other essential school supplies is another way we are working to help educate children in need.

THE HEALTH SECTOR: When the Coronavirus pandemic hit hard, Lema Plan international implemented a health project that educated families on how to protect themselves from contracting the virus. Washable nose masks and hand washing stands were built and distributed to raise awareness about the need to protect themselves from the virus. This is just one example of our contribution to the health sector. We also organized free health talks and checkups for people living in areas that cannot afford regular medical care.

THE FOOD SECTOR: Food is an essential part of life, protecting the body and providing energy for work. Families who belong to the less privileged groups are the target group of this project since hungry families cannot work to meet their own needs. For this reason, we regularly distribute food to needy families and offer a sponsorship program for less privileged children. In our efforts to improve the lives of people in our community, we do not leave out orphanages.
During the covid19 stay, home order was in place, LPI took it upon themselves to provide food items to rural communities to help reduce hunger.
Our amazing team is made up of selfless volunteers who tirelessly dedicate their time, energy to improving the lives of African children and achieve the goals of Lema Plan International. LPI has been able to involve about 100 individuals to volunteer in its various impact areas.

Lema Plan International is part of the humanitarian society that cares for those who dream of a better life, and through our work, over the years we have impacted a lot of lives, but more work is needed, and therefore more volunteers and donors need to come on board and share the vision. This is the invitation you have been waiting for to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

If you want to support the good work of Lema Plan International, you can also contribute to the fulfillment of the agenda by donating to one of the project’s causes. Our budget usually looks like this: 50% of the money we collect goes to education, 30% goes to providing food for needy families, and 20% goes to medical care. In this way, we can direct the flow of donations and work in all areas.

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